Recent Artwork

Some artwork here may be available.

*Last Updated December 30, 2017*

"By a Hare" 2' x 3'

“By a Hare” 2′ x 3′

His Grandfathers FireSubterianian2015Mama Sleeps 2016A New Wood Bison Begining 2017Lunch Time 2017Moose Pond 2016Otter Lunch 2016Sunset Moose 2017Sea Lion Rock 2016Who's FishPuffin Perch 2016Mama's Hug 2016Pier Perch 2017

"Squirrels Eye View" 2' x 3'

“Squirrels Eye View” 2′ x 3′

"Twiggy's Bed"30" x 48" -

“Twiggy’s Bed”
30″ x 48″


4 responses to “Recent Artwork”

  1. irieeee says :

    All artwork is Acrylic on Canvas unless otherwise noted.

  2. Nancy Magnus says :

    Hi – I’m wondering when, or if, you’ll have any of the Golden Quill paintings available for sale. Saw it at the museum and fell in love!!
    Thank you,

  3. Juliet says :

    Do you do commissions?

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