Sold Artwork

*Last  Updated January 27, 2016*

"Musk Ox Trio"

“Musk Ox Trio”

"Reddichio Moose"

“Reddichio Moose”

"Happy Dog Power"

“Happy Dog Power”

"Fall Fairwell"

“Fall Fairwell”

"Spring Grazing"

“Spring Grazing”

"Spring Cranes"

“Spring Cranes”

"Blue Porcupine"

“Blue Porcupine”

"Caribou Spring"

“Caribou Spring”

"Walrus Swim"

“Walrus Swim”

"Raven and Ermine"

“Raven and Ermine”

Green Moose 2013Fiery Fellow 2013cropped-two-caribou-2013.jpg

"Red Fox" 1.5' x 2' - $500

“Red Fox”
1.5′ x 2′

"Blue Bear" 24" x 12"

“Blue Bear” 24″ x 12″

"Her Orange Calf" 3' x 5' - $1300

“Her Orange Calf”
3′ x 5′

Bringing Fall2

"Good Dogs"

“Good Dogs”

"New Day, New Territory"

“New Day, New Territory”

Golden Quills

Golden Quills

Send Off-Quest PosterOut of the Woods 2011

"Firewood Hare" 24" x 36"

“Firewood Hare” 24″ x 36″

CRANES 01Blue Fox, Red Vole


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